DexShell – Experience Dry Comfort

DexShell is proud of its extensive range of outdoor apparel accessories. Every product is designed for those needing element repellent clothing suitable for extreme outdoor activities, enhancing experiences in challenging weather and terrain, minimizing the effects of these conditions to ensure enjoyment and high performance.

Consistent technological and product innovations are behind the success of DexShell’s waterproof, yet breathable socks, gloves and hats. This desire and passion for innovation has driven the brand’s product development and manufacturing capabilities since its inception. Continuous research ensures that DexShell source the most high spec materials with the best suppliers across the globe.

All of the above, means that the company’s manufacturing technique results in products that are more durable, comfortable and reliable than those of its competitors. Anyone who participates in extreme outdoor pursuits can trust our range to work with them. DexShell products not only care for your skin but are also gentle on the environment too.

As the advancements of these durable products continue, DexShell positions itself at the forefront of innovations within the outdoor clothing industry.

DexShell duty range of waterproof knitted gloves, with excellent dexterity and tactility, is cut resistant and flame retardant in accordance with EN388 and EN407 standards with CE certificates.The DexShell beanie hats are made of DexShell patent pending lamination technology with the unique waterproof and windproof performance bringing you a wonderful experience in a wide range of outdoor activities.


The Technology


Patented ‘4-Way Stretch’ Technology

By using a unique micro dot lamination technique this process provides greater freedom to enable the user to be more active. The micro dot lamination between the Outer Lining and Interlining provides greater stretch allowing the product to be far more flexible and in turn help the users ability to move.



Porelle Membranes

Porelle waterproof breathable membranes have been engineered for lamination to create high performance fabrics for a range of different market applications.

Porelle Membranes produce a wide variety of membranes for use in high-end markets to supply a wide variety of waterproof and breathable membranes. These membranes are also resistant to high temperatures and are extremely durable. DexShell selects a line of Porelle membrane with the WVP 15,000 g/ ASTM E96:95

Porelle membranes are manufactured by PIL Membranes with over 30 years’ experience in the market place. Porelle is the registered trademark of KL Technologies Group Limited.


Hydrostatic Head Test

In the Hydrostatic Head Test Dexshell rivals its competitors with its impressive waterproof materials. The higher the hydrostatic head value the more water resistant the fabric is. For any fabric to be valued as fully waterproof it should withstand the pressure of a column of water 1000mm high without leakage. Dexshell products exceed this by far.




PORELLE waterproof breathable membranes have been engineered for lamination to create high performance fabrics for a range of different market applications. PORELLE membranes are manufactured by PIL Membranes with over 30 years experience in the market place. PORELLE is the registered trademark of KL Technologies Group Limited.


COOLMAX is the performance yarn that includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system. The system can move perspiration away from the body, through the fabric, and transfer out of the wear. It can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and much more comfortable. COOLMAX fresh FX has the permanent anti-bacterial performance due to the special treatment by silver-based additive during the production. COOLMAX is the registered trademark of Invista.


Warm, breathable, moisture repellent and anti-static, Merino has the capacity to deal with moisture like no other yarns, absorbing perspiration and releasing it into the air as vapor. It is naturally odor resistant too. Luxuriously soft and gentle against the skin, it reacts to your body’s temperature, keeping you warm when it’s cold and releasing body heat and moisture when it’s hot. The natural elasticity and resilience of Merino wool enables it to spring back into shape with ease.



Known for being incredibly soft, Bamboo Rayon is anti-static and sits well next to your skin. It is moisture-wicking to keep you drier. Antibacterial. Its warm thanks to its hollow fiber yet also breathable so that it performs well in all temperatures. It grows naturally, needs very little rain to produce rapidly, and is 100% biodegradable.


drirelease technology uses an engineered blend of multi-denier, multi-staple length hydrophobic (water-hating) and hydrophilic (water-loving) fibers to keep wearers dry, cool and comfortable. The unique blend of synthetic and natural fibers in drirelease yarn actually accelerates the water release rate. Rather than just spreading moisture across the surface, drirelease fabrics push water and perspiration to the outside of a garment, releasing them into the air faster than other performance fabrics on the market. The drirelease WOOL blend is as warm as 100% wool without the itch. The wearer never feels clammy against the skin. drirelease can be found in a wide variety of outdoor and active apparel from many of the world’s best brands.


DexShell Global Extensive Testing



The element repellent DexShell protects and ensures dry and warmth to the extremities even if you are working in cold raining or snowing weather.



With DexShell, you will experience the dry comfort!