Mission Cooling DuoMax Towel

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One side is a high-performance cooling fabric while the other is a soft, absorbent terry cloth to wipe away sweat

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Mission DuoMax is the first ever dual-sided cooling towel. Engineered from proprietary performance fabric with cooling technology that enhances the natural process of evaporation and a reverse terry cloth side that absorbs sweat. It is machine washable and reusable with chemical-free cooling technology that does not wash out. It remains ultra-soft when wet or dry, unlike other cooling towels which can feel tacky when wet, and stiff when dry. The only thing you need to worry about is feeling cooler so that the heat doesn’t slow you down from doing what you love.

TO STAY DRY: Use soft, terry side to wipe away sweat.

TO KEEP COOL: Wet the towel until soaked, wring out thoroughly and snap 3 times to activate cooling. To re-activate, simply repeat these steps.

Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 91 × 23 × 0.4 cm




91% Polyester, 9% Spandex

Sun Protection

UPF 50


Cools Instant
1. Wet it (Activated with water)
2. Wring it
3. Wave it

Great For

wearing around your neck, Biking, Running, Jogging, Hiking, Sports, working out, working outside, gardening, yoga, concerts, festivals, BBQs, tailgating, Vacations, the Beach, Lake, Pool, or anytime you want to feel instantly cooler.

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