8 days
December to March

This is Zero-Based training for skiing and snowboarding.To turn beginner into skier is the goal of this tour,which means you are able to enjoy the different trails,as well as not afraid of steepness and height of trails anymore.You will change your conception about ski completely.

The Altai Mountains located in northwest of China,they are also the international border with Russia,Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Since cave paintings of Stone Age skiers were discovered, Altay Prefecture of China has been regarded as the birthplace of skiing.Local people (Kazakh and Tuva) still preserve the traditional way of traveling and hunting with skis made of pine wood and horse hair.

Petrogram of Altai


Ski Petrogram of Altai


The Altai Mountains is famous for its top-quality powder snow in China,The Altai Mountains proves a dreamland for millions of skiers who are not only from China but also the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan.

The Altai Mountains is also very good for sightseeing,winter hiking and entertainmeent.All of you will love the snow field whoever is junior skier,senior skier or tourist,and you will expect to ski in each winter.

The cost is changeable during public holiday and festival.


1.Domestic Flight and Train Ticket
We are able to book discounted ticket,such as Domestic Flight,Train Ticket and Performance etc.

Domestic Flight
Flight from Xi’an or Urumqi is good option,it will cost about 1200 to 2000 Yuan Per Person for return flight tickets.

Train Ticket
Take train to Altai for 11 hours.
Soft Sleeper 284 Yuan Per Person
Hard Sleeper 184 Yuan Per Person

The estimation is about 1200 Yuan Per Person for 8 days.Guests are able to order food by themselves,as well as to have private meal.

Additional information

Vehicle5 Seats
MealLocal Flavor
GearAltai Horsehide Skis, Ski & Snowboard, Ski Boot, Ski Goggles, Ski Pole
Transportation4 X 4, Flight, Train
IncludedAccommodation, Driver, Entrance Ticket, Gear, Guide, Instructors, Mineral Water, Ski Pass, Transportation
Not IncludedDrink, Flight, Food, Insurance, Snack, Snowmobile

Day 1

Arriving Altay City of Xinjiang
Training with Instructors
Hotel of Altay City


Day 2

Training with Instructors
Hotel of Altay City


Day 3

Training with Instructors
Hotel of Altay City


Day 4

Training with Instructors
Hotel of Altay City


Day 5

Drive to Tuva village
Visit Altay Mountain
Training with Instructors for Altai Ski
Tuva Ethnic Hotel


Day 6

Ski touring with traditional Altai horsehide skis
Tuva Ethnic Hotel


Day 7

Ski mountaineering with traditional Altai horsehide skis
Tuva Ethnic Hotel


Day 8

Drive to Altay City
Hotel of Altay City

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