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Meili is mandarin translation of Deqin Tibetan Dialect “Mainri” which means mountain of medicine.Meili Snow Mountain includes 13 summits which all over 6000 meters above sea level.It’s also known as the 13 Prince Mountains.Kawadgarbo is 6740 meters above sea level which is highest peak of Meili Snow Mountain,as well as the highest peak in Yunnan.

There are eight holy mountains in Tibetan area in China,seven of them are female, Kawadgarbo is male,as well as the first and leader of others.Tibetan respectfully call it “A Ji Kawadgarbo” which means “Grandfather Kawadgarbo”,and Tibetan believes that he helps people drive away evil spirit.

There were 9 climbing expeditions failed in the last 100 years,Kawadgarbo is an virgin peak until now.In 1991, six Chinese and eleven Japanese mountaineers lost their lives to an avalanche,This is second worst climbing accidents in the world ,as well as one of the worst in China. In 2001,local govemment issued a new legislation which is not allow people to climb Kawadgarbo anymore.

Pilgrims treks around Kawadgarbo for weeks to pay homage to the holy mountain every year. There are two trekking route,one is outer circumambulation,another one is inner circumambulation.


Outer Circumambulation: This is a tough journey which will cost about 7 to 12 days.Pilgrims have to trek through valley,river and pass which will cost more time and energy.Camping gear is necessary during the journey except pilgrims will live in local Tibetan hut guesthouse.The trekking route has great relative relief which means people always walk on steep path and walk through falling rock area,as well as climb up or go down for hours.


Inner Circumambulation:This is easier hiking route which will cost about 6 days.Pilgrims will hike through mountain area with light backpack,and live in local Tibetan guesthouse in villages. Pilgrims will hike to alpine lake and water fall,as well as glacier.The most attraction of this route is pilgrims are able to very close to Kawadgarbo and Miancimu (Wife of Kawadgarbo)






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MealWe will have meals in local people’s restaurant or home,so that we are able to taste local flavor.

Day 1

Day 1 Shangri-La to Fei Lai Si

Big turning of Yangtze River

Bai Ma (White Horse) Snow Mountain

Meili Snow Mountain

Live In Hotel In Fei Lai Si


Day 2

Day 2 Deqin To Yubeng Village (Relative Relief:966M)

Sunrise Of Meili Snow Mountain

Drive to Ni Nong Village(2160M)

Hiking Through Forest

Live In Tibetan Guesthouse In Yubeng Village


Day 3

Day 3 Yubeng Village (Relative Relief:1224M)

Cuo Ka Alpine Pasture (4280M)

Hiking through Forest

View Of Miancimu

Holy Lake (4350M)

Holy Water Hall (3600M)

Hiking Back To Yubeng Village (3126M)

Live In Tibetan Guesthouse In Yubeng Village


Day 4

Day 4 Yubeng Village (Relative Relief:974M)

Hiking through Forest

Base Camp Of Mountaineering In 1991 (3780M)

Ice Lake (4100M)

Hiking Back To Yubeng Village (3126M)

Live In Tibetan Guesthouse In Yubeng Village


Day 5

Day 5 Yubeng Village to Fei Lai Si (Relative Relief:1620M)

Climb Over Nan Zong Pass (3850M)

Hiking To Xidang Village (2230M)

Drive to Mingyong Village (2500M)

Hiking To Mingyong Glacier (3800M)

Hiking Back To Mingyong Village

Drive to Fei Lai Si

Live In Hotel In Fei Lai Si


Day 6

Day 6 Fei Lai Si To Shangri-La

Sunrise Of Meili Snow Mountain

Bai Ma (White Horse) Snow Mountain

Balagezong Canyon (Tibetan great canyon)

Sun Nuo Qi Lin’s private workshop who is master of Tibetan black pottery

Na Pa Lake (Top View)

Yi La Grassland (horse riding)

Live In Hotel Which Located On Yila Grassland in Shangri-La

30% OFF for children who are junior than 10 year old

We will provide high quality and professional outdoor gears for outdoor activities,so that we will enjoy in nature,as well as have a safe trip.

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